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Speaking to the University of Kentucky Football Team

Hello, and thank you for visiting!

In 2008, I lost a significant amount of vision after surviving three major brain diseases - at one time - with NO immune system to fight these diseases (cerebral histoplasmosis, meningitis, and encephalitis).  My infectious disease doctor actually  said I was "A Walking Miracle."

Not only did God (Jehovah Rapha) bring me miraculously through these illnesses, He also performed financial miracles that will astound you!

A Walking Miracle

John Schlitt Interview

One year after being released from the hospital, God called me to the speaking ministry to share my story, to encourage, and to challenge.  ​​

Then, my life took another unexpected turn on April 4, 2017 when my wife of nine years passed on to be with Jesus.
Therefore, I am expanding the speaking ministry to reach out to couples as well.  Why?  We were two imperfect people in a perfect marriage.  Yes, I believe “perfect marriages” exist if the right ingredients are there.  I will emphasize what I feel are the important keys to an extremely healthy marriage and will challenge couples with a scriptural foundation.​

For a 3-minute glimpse into my story and a little more about who I am, please view my video below.  Next to that video is another from a pretty well known figure in Christian music.  

As a side note to prevent any confusion: This video was done before my wife passed away, so she is a part of the video.  If you do not visit any other page on this site, please go visit the “Sherry’s Legacy” page to see how you can help further a ministry she was so passionate about.

If you would like to know more about the speaking ministry or are interested in having me speak to your group, church, or event, please visit the “Speaking” page or simply contact me!  
​​Although speaking is my passion….

I love to bowl, DJ (they call me DJ Blind!), play drums, and I run a Christian music venue called “Flames of Fire Music Venue” through our church.  You can find other information on these things by going to each of the pages such as why the nickname, “The Blind Fury,” who we have had at Flames of Fire, listen to recordings of my drumming, how a legally blind guy is able to bowl, etc.!!

I do not add these things to this site for any other reason but to encourage and challenge you!  The reason a legally blind guy can do these things is because of Christ, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)

Regardless of why you are here, I hope you are encouraged before you leave by what you find here and determined to not let setbacks hold you down!

“The Blind Fury”